[Android] How to save battery on the Android phones

We all know that the Android is very permissive, compared with iOS from Apple, with the applications. So, many of them are working in the background, even if you do not want it, draining the battery without any important reason.


Using the Android phone/tablet on "TO GO" where there is no Wi-Fi, and use to access Internet over the mobile network data to access your 'traveling apps': news, weather, maps, etc.


Here are few tricks to play with in the Phone Settings:

1. Disable the Wi-Fi (set it on OFF in the Settings screen).
Note: you can enable it when you are on more statically location, and where you can charge the phone (work, office, friends places, etc.)

2. Disable Apps Notifications: Always, when you install a new application go to its "settings / configuration" screen and turn off all "automatic data pulling or pushing" or "notifications".

Here is an example of the "Yahoo Weather" notification app internal setting, which I disable:

 I already have the Weather widget on the screen, so I don't need to see the temperature in the notification bar.

3. Disable Global Notifications: In the "Manage applications" section, disable the "Show notifications" check-box for all applications that you want to keep 'silent'.

Here is an example screenshot:

4. Disable App Data Usage: In the "Settings > Data Usage" you can see all the apps that are going over mobile network.

Select each application from that list (in above example: Flipboard) and go to its "app data usage" screen. At the very bottom of this screen (sometimes is not visible, so you have to scroll-down a little) there is the setting "Restrict background data", which is unchecked. You have to check it.

  • from all my apps, I let only the "Yahoo Weather" application to work on background, all other (inclusive the Google Play Service) are not allowed to do this, and from 2 hours battery life I got 2 days.
  • Disable Data Usage setting works only when you are using the 'mobile internet', not over the Wi-Fi. This means that over Wi-Fi all apps can work in background without any settings change. Usually, when we are on Wi-Fi connection, we are located in a place where we can easily charge the phone (work, home, etc.), so there is no problem if all apps are working in background.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it will help you to squeeze more juice out of your battery.


PS: if you have any other tricks, don't be shy to let us know, please (that's why we have the bellow comments section) :)


Another quick trick:

5. Use the full battery cycles as much as possible:
- charging from 0 -->100% in one go
- usage from 100% --> 0% in one go
no short charging steps in the middle (i.e. from 80 --> 100, 0 --> 40 etc.).

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