Web Frameworks Comparison

Matt Raible posted a slideshow from his preso at Devoxx, comparing web frameworks. Spring MVC won, although GWT and Ruby on Rails were right there with it. He's a struts snob so it wasn't even considered, and struts 2 was only okay; he posted the actual ratings on google docs.
Things that stand out from the spreadsheet:
  1. Each grading point was equal. Developer perception gets one point. Same for risk, same for published books, same for REST support, and all the opinions were subjective.
  2. Tapestry got a 13.5. Struts 2 got a 14.5. Grails got 16.5, and Wicket got 14.5. (GWT, Ruby on Rails, and Spring MVC all got 17.) I know I'm subjective too, but Tapestry would have gotten like a 3 based on the people I've talked to, and Wicket would have gotten a 24 or so, because its fanboys would have stuffed the ballot boxes like wolverines.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Comparing JVM Web Frameworks


  1. There is already an objection regarding Tapestry

  2. First, thank you Spyros for taking time to read my blog...

    Secondly, I thought that it's a good comparison, and as currently I'm working with GWT/GXT, I was very happy with the conclusion.

    Anyways, as I want to be objective, 'cause being subjective is just a hidden lie; the truth preveils later anyways -- so the better library will last more, doesn't matter what one or another is saying. So, saying that, I'll post your response too :)

    Response to Matt Raible’s Presentation at Devoxx 2010

    Posted on Sonntag, 21st November, 2010

    This week I was attending Matt Raible’s talk Comparing JVM Web Frameworks at Devoxx 2010. Matt came up with a matrix containing grades for a chosen set of features in various frameworks. The top 5 frameworks in the matrix has been presented in details. Unfortunately Tapestry got 13.5 points, only 1 point behind Wicket/Struts 2 (both 14.5 points).

    I have no problems with being behind any framework if the comparison is made accurate. But in this case I feel like I need to defend Tapestry because I disagree with some of the grades given by Matt. The problem is that Matt is very famous and a lot of Java developers believe him blindly. Matt, you should be aware of it and be very careful by making any statements.

    I talked to Matt after his presentation and promised him to send some links which will hopefully improve Tapestry’s grades. But Matt’s comparison caused a lot of discussions over the world, so I decided to write a public answer.

    Here are some few grades I disagree with...read more here...


  3. Wicket has been designed after JSF, Struts and Tapestry by smart programmer. Please see it's mailing list after you learned it's demo application. Maybe One day, people in JSF group would know the value of Wicket and correct JSF.