Web Frameworks Comparison

Matt Raible posted a slideshow from his preso at Devoxx, comparing web frameworks. Spring MVC won, although GWT and Ruby on Rails were right there with it. He's a struts snob so it wasn't even considered, and struts 2 was only okay; he posted the actual ratings on google docs.
Things that stand out from the spreadsheet:
  1. Each grading point was equal. Developer perception gets one point. Same for risk, same for published books, same for REST support, and all the opinions were subjective.
  2. Tapestry got a 13.5. Struts 2 got a 14.5. Grails got 16.5, and Wicket got 14.5. (GWT, Ruby on Rails, and Spring MVC all got 17.) I know I'm subjective too, but Tapestry would have gotten like a 3 based on the people I've talked to, and Wicket would have gotten a 24 or so, because its fanboys would have stuffed the ballot boxes like wolverines.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Comparing JVM Web Frameworks