Cool Movie Browser

Cool Movie Browser is discovering and gathering all your video files, which are distributed on different computers and hard-drives, into a single place. After that, you can play them in your favorite (you choose) media player application (VLC Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player etc.)

The last version 1.2.101005 has added the online sport TV panel, which gives you all the live streams from net with the games of the day.

As said, it allows you to play each movie with its own media player (i.e. you can set .avi files to be played with VLC Player, and all .mpg movies with Windows Media Player).

For each discovered movie it will bring the poster image from the "cloud" (Internet), so you don't have to worry about identifying quickly your preferred TV show.

Also, you can create and manage (create, edit, delete, reorder, play) your own playlists.

Buzz: This application can centralize different kind of files, not only movies. Because it's flexible and configurable, we can choose the extension of the file, which we need to see (.doc), and instead of setting the command line for WMPlayer, we can put the one for Office Word. Doing this you can easily manage all Word documents from your different hard-drives, in one single place. Indeed it's cool!

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