Cool development tools from Google

The classic GWT tools:


The Google Web Toolkit SDK contains the core libraries and compiler that you need to write web applications. See the Release Notes for this latest version.

Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a Chrome Extension that allows you to pinpoint performance problems in your
web applications.

Plugin for Eclipse

The Google Plugin for Eclipse provides IDE support for Google Web Toolkit and App Engine web projects.

New tools:

GWT Designer

Create rich web applications with GWT Designer, a powerful set of Eclipse-based development tools that enables Java developers to quickly create Ajax web applications using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). -- ex-Instantiations --

WindowTester Pro

Streamline testing of Java rich client applications with WindowTester Pro, including tools for automated recording, test generation, code coverage and playback of GUI interactions that can occur within an application. WindowTester Pro includes support for SWT and Swing.

CodePro AnalytiX

Employ the comprehensive automated software code quality and security analysis toolkit CodePro AnalytiX to automatically improve software quality, reliability, and maintainability in developer applications.

Cloud portability from Google and VMware

Develop and deploy rich web apps for your enterprise, across multiple environments and devices.

Google and VMware have enhanced our open source Java development tools, allowing enterprise developers to rapidly build rich web apps, run them on multiple devices, and deploy them on-premise or in the cloud of your choice. Familiar tools turn Java developers into cloud developers, and standard APIs avoid cloud lock-in.
  • Spring Roo

    With Spring Roo, a next-generation rapid application development tool, Java developers can easily build full Java applications in minutes, using the Java Persistence API (JPA) to connect them to new or existing databases. Roo outputs standard Java code, so it’s easy to refine the back end with the SpringSource Tool Suite and the front end with the Google Web Toolkit SDK, using Roo as much or as little as desired.
  • SpringSource Tool Suite

  • Using the Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite, developers can now choose to deploy their application on Google App Engine for Business, a VMware environment (your vSphere infrastructure, your choice of vCloud partners, or VMforce), or other infrastructure such as Amazon EC2. We call this cloud portability.
  • Google App Engine for Business

  • Google App Engine for Business enables organizations to build and host web apps on the same systems that power Google applications and includes new enterprise-level features, a 99.9% uptime SLA, support and flat-rate pricing. Google App Engine for Business is a first-class choice for deploying enterprise apps to the cloud as part of a cloud portability strategy, whether for seasonal apps, bursty apps, disaster recovery, or simply for friction-free deployment of new apps.

I don't know about you regarding the GWT Designer, but I tried it some time ago, and it worked very well with the standard GWT widgets, supported pretty well the widgets from GWT-Ext library, with small bugs, which were fixed along ... and now we can use the ones from GXT (ext-ExtJs or Scencha nowadays). It's a good prototype-maker though.

The tester tool seems a good alternative to FireFox plugin called Selenium (  -- need to have a careful look at it.

What's more interesting is the CodePro tool, which helps you to clean up your code of potential bugs or bad coding habits. It's very very good tool.

So, we need to used them daily to improve the result of our work -- the software application.


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