GWT - How to get parameters from the URL

Are you in the position that the simple URL that launches your application needs more information? like some extra parameters that we add usualy in any WEB application,

i.e.  h t t p : / / mysite . com ? parm1 = val1 & parm2 = val2
(spaces are added here to avoid having this example like a real clickable link).

So, how do we get this information within our GWT module / application ?

 is quite simple, and it's present in the below helper static native function:

* Gets the string with the parameters from the current URL.
* @return String containing the list of parameters from the URL
* in format: ?aaa=bbbb&vvvv=ccc
public static native String getParamString() /*-{
     return $;

So, the result of this is a string in the format "?parm1=val1&parm2=val2", which won't be a problem to parse and extract the list or parameters and their values, right ?


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