GXT (Ext GWT) - How to maintain selection in a grid even after refresh

I have a grid with a store and a loader. There is a paging tool bar too. Now when I click on the refresh button from the paging tool bar, the selection goes. I need to maintain this selection after refresh.


1. First superclass the PagingToolBar class like here:

public MyPagingToolBar extends PagingToolBar {
    public Button getRefreshButton() {
        return refresh;

2. Secondly, add a "Select" or "BeforeSelect" event listener on the refresh button, like in this code extract:

MyPagingToolBar  toolbar = new MyPagingToolBar ();
toolbar.getRefreshButton().addListener (Events.Select, new Listner<ButtonEvent>(){
     public void handleEvent (ButtonEvent be) {
        /* here you save your selection row */       

3. On the grid loader success notification you can re-select the row programatically.

gridLoader = new BasePagingLoader<pagingloadresult<modeldata>>(proxy, reader) {
    protected void onLoadFailure(Object loadConfig, Throwable t) {
        super.onLoadFailure(loadConfig, t);

     protected void onLoadSuccess(Object loadConfig, PagingLoadResult result) {
         super.onLoadSuccess(loadConfig, result);
         /* here you do the re-selection */

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