To REST, or not to REST

What is REST?

A simple definition is:

REST is a way of thinking, not a protocol or standard; it's a style of designing loosely coupled Web applications that rely on named resources - in the form of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), and URNs (Uniform Resource Names), for instance - rather than messages.

REST supports CRUD (create, read, update, delete) type of actions through HTTP requests: POST, GET, PUT and DELETE, respectively.

Java REST framework: Restlet

Restlet is a lightweight java framework that implements REST and can be found at

Restlet applications are similar to servlet applications because they reside in the container, but they are different because:
- restlets don't have anything to do with HTTP and its stateful artifacts (ie. cookies, session, etc.)
- restlet framework is extremely lightweight.

It's based on few classes: abstract Application, Resource, Router, Variant.

Resource types in the Restlet framework are known as Restlets.

Read more about Restlet:

An expample of an REST API can be found here:

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